The Variety of Choices for a Leather Hip Flask

A flask is a convenient item to own. Introduced in the 1800’s, flasks have an interesting history. Early flasks were pig bladders filled with gin. Women would hide them under their petticoats and smuggle them onto war ships before sailors left port. Water flasks were much larger than flasks used today and eventually gave way to more practical canteens.

The Shape

The curved shape of flasks were designed to resemble the human kidney, which is the organ that is most effected by too much alcohol. Poetically symbolic for those who choose to see it that way, and a sarcastic sentiment for pessimistic thinkers.

It also had a practical reason to be curved. The shape allowed it to be pressed flush with the body for better concealment. People carry them on the hip, in a back or front pocket, or in boots, so it is easy to imagine why that makes sense.

Different Sizes

Flasks are available in many sizes. Three and four ounce ones are the smallest and most discrete. A six ounce size is ideal for taking the chill off on a winter’s night walking around the city with friends. Eight and ten ounce sizes are also available.

A Multitude of Colors and Textures

A leather hip flask refers to the cover. The interior is made of stainless steel. Leather is preferred by many carriers because it is soft and durable, making it comfortable against the skin when pockets are not available for storage. The high demand in both men and women’s styles translates to many colors, textures, and patterns.

Men’s Flasks

The options for men tend to consist of darker solid colors, such as black, brown, and navy. There may be a design stitched into the leather or diagonal stripes for embellishment. Embossing is optional and can add the look of luxury to the flask.

Flasks for Women

Flasks for women range from elegant to fun and whimsical. More colors are available, such as yellow, mauve, and light rose. A floral print, a tea cup, or a gardening motif may be included. There are some leather shops that will make a custom leather flask to suit the personality or preference of someone special.