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Visit Chateau Rouge for Healthy Rooibos Tea and Great Gourmet Food There are many Americans today who are aware and take advantage of Rooibos tea’s several proven health benefits. This tea is sourced from South Africa;it is cultivated on the slopes of the Country’s Cape of Good Hope. It wasn’t until 1904 when international traders started taking the tea to other parts of the world that people in other places starting enjoying its benefits,but locals had been taking it for years. The tea has a taste that has a mild aroma on it but many who take it do so for health reasons. This tea has more than 50 times the amount of antioxidants regular green tea has. These antioxidants serve an important work in the body;they prevent molecules called free radicals which if uncontrolled can end up damaging body cells,causing cancer.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Refreshments
A lot of people in the world today greatly fear the C-word,but they can reduce their worries by becoming Rooibos tea totalers. If you are interested in experiencing the goodness of gourmet food and a cup of this wonderful tea, Chateau Rouge is the place to go.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Refreshments
This is not all about this tea;it contains a lot of the vital Vitamin C which has health benefits that are known to everyone. There has been a study to investigate the effects that tannins from tea and wine has in the body and it was interestingly concluded that wine tannins have the ability to tackle oxidants in the body while tea tannins do not resist oxidants. Rooibos tea contains a low amount of tannins when compared to other types of tea,and you don’t really need to switch from tea to wine as there are more disadvantages associated with imbibing too much wine than there are in taking too much of this tea. Your digestive system would get a boost from regular consumption of Rooibos tea. There are some studies which have shown that Rooibos tea can help make your bones and teeth stronger. This keeps you protected from unwanted medical situations such as fractures,osteoporosis and others. Rooibos tea can help clear all those unwanted acne from your otherwise flawless skin and has the incredible ability to prevent wrinkles,fancy that! Japanese women drink the tea regularly as it has some positive effects on hair and skin. The tea does not contain caffeine like other popular teas and as such you can be sure it will not affect your sleep cycle or cause insomnia. The U.S Agriculture department has confirmed all these benefits and more,and you may want to visit the Chateau Rouge to experience their gourmet food and Rooibos tea which have been prepared through the highest standards.

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