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The Rewards of Photo Printing

Despite the advancement of soft print photography in our digital age, nothing can be more satisfying and beneficial to achieve a perfect work of art than having pictures printed in hard copies.

While a digitalized, soft copy of a photo can be edited digitally, yet, after editing and examining the results on the computer screen, some of the finer details are actually still not visible, but with a print copy, a photographer can take a better close attention to the imperfections as printed clearly, thus this approach makes a photographer a better editor as he/she can make the necessary corrections in his/her future photo shoots.

Following Photoshop techniques won’t make one a better photographer because the flaws are easily removed and remedied, but if you put your photos in hard prints in magnified form, then you have a more defining idea about the details that are not well taken in the pictures and this helps you to bear in mind on how to better use your camera the next time you will be capturing pictures.

Print pictures are tangible proofs of a photographer’s work of art and going over each picture revives a viewer’s memories of events that were vividly captured in the past and this must be an obvious reason why people still prefer to have print copies of pictures as there is an emotional attachment to it as the pictures bring back to life the memories that were emotional experienced, which seem to fail in a digital form of pictures as the tangible aspect is not there to help connect and bring life to the pictures.

There is just no comparison with that kind of emotional satisfaction that a photographer experiences when his/her works are put into prints and displayed in either an album or exhibited for people to appreciate it as compared to uploading the pictures in the computer and for some precious minutes, the pictures may earn a huge following, but then afterwards these are eventually left forgotten into the computer storage, which is not definitely a tangible satisfaction that can allow a photographer to feel that euphoric feeling. Perhaps, the best proof of satisfaction that a photographer gets is when his works are printed and bought by avid viewers who truly appreciate the hard work poured out on an amazing picture and have them hang on their walls. It is definitely a well of triumph emotions on the part of the photographer, thus encouraging him/her to produce more images on print and experiment on his/her art form.

There is so much happiness that anyone can feel when they revisit old photos, those captured moments by the camera where anyone can recall the stories that go with it, that is why printed pictures are instruments of inspirational memories, emotional flashbacks of the past.

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